Sandra & Tayo

Sandra and Tayo posing by a huge glass wall

Fall sessions can sometimes be hit or miss with the weather.  This session started with rain and I thought it was going to be a miss.  After working with these two for 2 minutes I knew it was going to be a hit regardless of the weather.  Yes it was cold, and there were rain drops but these two were just smiles inside and out!  We had a blast shuffling our feet through the piles of leaves and had quite a few ducks inspecting our session. There was one little duck who even came right up to me and almost nibbled on my ankle!  We are so excited to work with these two and cannot wait for their wedding day!  By the sounds of it, it is going to be a wicked one!

Congrats Sandra and Tayo!

Sandra sitting on Tayo's lap by the duck pondA romantic kiss by the duck pond from the newly engaged coupleA close up photo of the extremely beautiful coupleThe massive rose gold wedding ring nestled on a rusty metal art pieceThe couple standing in the sunsetnewly engaged couple snuggling up close with gigglesSandra and Tayo laying in the grassSandra leaning back into Tayo's arms in the fall leavesSandra hugging Tayo from behind with big smilesSandra looking right at the camera with a loving smileTayo looking like a boss with his beautiful lady hugging himA close up of the so beautiful SandraA beautiful silhouette by the warming hut at the St.Vital park

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