Chelsea & Matt at St.Vital Park

Engagement photo by the duck pond in St.Vital Park

With only a few days before their wedding we decided to head out and take some photos of the 3 of them.  Chelsea and Matt brought best friend their pooch.  Let me tell you about St.Vital park in fall.  It is a favourite spot for Canadian Geese, and they flock their by the hundreds.  If anyone knows geese they also know what they leave behind.  There were thousands of little “land mines” I like to call them.  We needed to walk very carefully around the place as there was barely a clean spot to step little own lay on the grass!  We still managed to get through unscathed.  The cloud cover came in like rushing bulls but we still managed to get some great photos.  I always come prepared with lights and reflectors and a great attitude!

See you guys soon on the big day!  Can’t wait.

Chelsea and Matt and their dog sitting on a stoneThe couple kissing their dogWalking their dog in St.Vital ParkEngagement photo by the duck pond in St.Vital ParkRomantic kiss by the duck pondChelsea sitting on Matts lapEngagement photos with little boy as on lookerThe amazing ring nestled in a bed of wood chipsDancing inside at St.Vital park

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