Trevor and Carrie

Carrie & Trevor

ajenns Family Photography

Sometimes you need to give thanks to those who help you.   Outside of my wife and family, Trevor has helped me get to where I am today.  That is why I wanted to put him on the other side of the lens and try out my new jokes on him.   I also need to give thanks to his …

Love Fall

ajenns Family Photography

I just love this time of year!  There is still some time for family photos if you have been putting it off!  And yes pets are always welcome!

Jaxon sitting in spooky jack o' latern Pumpkins

Happy Halloween

ajenns Family Photography

We are not just Winnipeg wedding photographers here.  We are Winnipeg photographers who also happen to have a new boy in the family.  We have heard many times that Jaxon must be so lucky to have photographers as parents.  We tend to agree with them!  We did another infant photo shoot last night at our house for another of our …

Kathy and AJ first year anniversary

My beautiful wife

ajenns Family Photography

I have seen this tradition before and absolutely love it! The first image is me down on one knee.. The next image is on our wedding day, and the current image is our First Year Anniversary! I am so lucky! Our Second Year Photo will contain a special little someone 🙂

The whole family walking down the path

The Fehr Family

ajenns Family Photography

I love fall, because that colour is beautiful and I get to do a few family photo sessions.  Alison and I go way back till high school.  It wasn’t till our recent high school reunion that we got back in touch.  Shortly after we had this session booked and the rest is history!  Boy time flies and it was super fun …

The family sitting on the base of the slide

London’s First Birthday

ajenns Family Photography

I love celebrating birthdays! When they are a one year old they are just that much better! We headed out to Bunn’s Creek Centennial Park in Winnipeg for some family photos this late fall. Theresa and Geoff have been one of my longest running clients. I photographed their engagement, their wedding, the birth of London and now her first birthday! Such …

The family shows their christmas spirit

Gauthier Family

ajenns Family Photography

It was the first snow storm of the winter and what better way to celebrate than with family photos inside a warm cozy home?  I was able to navigate my car through the snow banks to the Gauthier family home.  I setup my studio in the living room while the parents calmed the … well tried to calm the young …

3 Generation family plus dog sitting in the afternoon sun

Family Photosession

ajenns Family Photography

Yes over a year ago I met Edna at Crampton’s Supermarket.  Since then we have been trying to line up a photoshoot with her and her family.  Her family lives across North America so lining up the stars proved to be difficult.  Well we were finally able to do it, and the day turned out to be perfect!  She also …

Sitting on a long pathway in the leaves

Joanne & Darren enjoy fall

ajenns Family Photography

Even though I have photographed an RCMP officer before, I have not photographed a 6’5″ guy!  If you have ever met Darren, you know is the nicest guy, but he just commands respect.  You add that with Joanne who has a PHD, and it was a little humbling.  Thanks guys for choosing me to spend your evening with and I …