London’s First Birthday

The family sitting on the base of the slide

I love celebrating birthdays! When they are a one year old they are just that much better!

We headed out to Bunn’s Creek Centennial Park in Winnipeg for some family photos this late fall. Theresa and Geoff have been one of my longest running clients. I photographed their engagement, their wedding, the birth of London and now her first birthday! Such an amazing family. London is already growing pretty fast and is on the cusp of learning how to walk and was able to take a few steps all on her own. Things progress pretty fast at that age.  She also is learning facial expressions by which you can sure tell in this session.   I really can’t wait till her second birthday and her stories that she is going have!  We just won’t be able to keep her still!  Kathy and I wish the 3 of you all the best and wish this next year to be filled with dreams, wishes and excitement!

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Happy Birthday London!

Walking the first steps with the help of Mom and Dad

The happy family sitting on the path

London sitting on the fur blanket in the leaves

London doesn't like touching the leaves

The baby laying in the leaves lookup up with massive smile

Dad sitting with his daughter on his lap

The baby enjoying the teeter totter

Mom with her baby on the swings


The one year looking at her cake

baby not sure what to do with the cake

The baby is more interested with the decor than her cake smash

Everyone one year old needs a crown

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