Carrie & Trevor

Trevor and Carrie

Sometimes you need to give thanks to those who help you.   Outside of my wife and family, Trevor has helped me get to where I am today.  That is why I wanted to put him on the other side of the lens and try out my new jokes on him.   I also need to give thanks to his girlfriend Carrie for “letting Trevor come out and play” so often.  Thanks to the both of you for all you do for us!  By the way this little park beside Grant’s Old Mill by Sturgeon Creek is completely amazing!  I would love to take one of my future couples here on their wedding day.

Trevor striking his pose in front of a wooden wall. Carrie striking a pose against an old wooden wall The couple kissing under spruce tree in front of Grant's old mill Carrie wrapping her arms around Trevor The couple embracing while being back lit under a portage avenue bridge

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