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Kaylee resting on James' chest

Kaylee & James Engaged

I am not sure what to say?  These two were awesome, and up for anything! Both of these two are big into fitness and you can tell. Both Kathy and I had a lot of laughs with these and I think you can tell. We cruised out to St. Vital park at just the right moment. The sun was perfect and the ducks watched us create some awesome photos! All the the best you two!  

Kissing just outside a revolving door

Michelle & Matt Engaged

I would have to say that this was a first on this photoshoot.  We were at the Winnipeg Lesgislative building during a Ukraine awareness gathering.  In the middle of the shoot, around 25 Ukrainian people dressed up in their full blown cultural dress walked onto the stairs and started singing.  I have to say having a choir sing to us during our shoot was pretty amazing.  The sound in that building is truly amazing!   It was a great shoot […]

Kathy and John posing inside the Legislative building

Kathy and John brave the cold

Yes it was a chilly day.  Just the like the rest of our Winter.  These two are no strangers to cold being from Thompson but yikes it was a chilly night.  I have to admit I was glad to have my gloves with me.  All the best you two!       

AJ down on one knee proposing to Kathy

The one time tears are a good thing

Well as Kathy put it, we are no longer dating!  She is now my fiancee!  I wanted to pull it off as a surprise (like I believe most guys do) so I went to the drawing board. So here is how it went down: As most of you know, Kathy comes with me on most of my shoots.  She is my primary second shooter!  Photography is a big part of our lives (with no help of me) and I wanted […]

Angela holding Kyle close

Angela & Kyle ~ Engaged in St. Andrews Manitoba

Angela and Kyle spend some time for engagement photos in St. Andrews I am not sure how our paths have not crossed earlier, but Angela and Kyle have the same friends as I.  Angela even knows Kathy from way back in the day.  I am not going to lie it was a little chilly that Sunday afternoon along the river side.  There was some sun, and also some clouds to follow it up with. They brought a few props with […]

A soft kiss on the swings

Ex-Bison Cheerleaders having fun at St. Vital Park

Yeah you can easily say this was a shoot like no other. We started much like the other shoots with smiles and laughs and soon it evolved into crazy over head moves that Kathy and Justin have practiced many times over their lives. Too fun working with these two and I wish them all the best!      

Jamie an Tyler hugging against a brick wall

Engaged downtown Winnipeg in the Exchange District

Up for anything we found ourselves in nooks hidden downtown. I felt totally safe because both these two are over 6 feet haha. We laughed pretty hard and even found some graffiti of their own high school crush! Totally can’t wait for the wedding so that my cheeks will hurt again 🙂     

The engaged couple in front of a daisy garden

Jennifer and Ruben

It’s not every day that I photograph a fellow Enns.  Well we didn’t have any relation but it was fun none the less.   The timing was perfect but there were just a few mosquitos.  😉    

the newly engaged couple from behind some wheat in the setting sun

Robyn & Jeremy ~ Engaged

Well it took some time to book these two as Jeremy is a VERY BUSY farmer. We finally were able to book the date and it was finally great to meet these two.      

The newly engaged couple kissing in the trees

A little down-time in the Park with Kristina and Daniel

Yes another happy couple!  Originating from southern Manitoba like me, we had a lot in common.  It took me 5 days to shingle my house with a small crew but Daniel can do it in two days with his brother.  Kristina and him are such a pair!  To sweet!  The romance is strong with these two and it was clear to see behind the camera!