Trista and Randall Party like it’s 2013

Trista and Randall in the Selkirk park

What a blue bird day.  From plus 30 degrees to plus 5 at the arena we saw it all.  These two sure knew how to party.  Not one thing was missed during the planning of this big day and I was so happy to be part of it.   It was very hard to narrow down some of my favs from this wedding as there was just so many. All the BEST you two.

Tristan's one of a kind wedding heals
The boys strutting their stuff across the grass
The bride is finally all put together
Bridesmaids anticipating seeing the groom from their hidden location
Randall doing his hard work with his flower
Groomsmen usually have trouble with their corsages
Absolutely gorgeous Bride
The bride and her bridesmaids
Stunning bride with her hair flowing in the wind
Trista being followed by her girls
A special moment for the bride and groom
The moment after the kiss is time to start the party
Trista and Randall in the Selkirk park
Trista and Randall in the Selkirk park
Grooms sister in the evening sun
Bridal party bench brawl
The wedding date made it onto the score board
Hockey is very special to the bride and groom
Trista and Randall draw their names in the frosty glass
Trista and Randall strut their stuff for a portrait
Best man helping prepare for the reception
Very special wedding cake made by the brides aunt
Mr and Mrs Potato Cake
Randall reading his thank yous
Sometimes there is always one special uncle who has to get his two cents in
Father daughter dance is always special
Mother and son dancing up a storm in the tent
Randall finding the garter without the use of his hands

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