Tree seeds made it look like snow in June

Stunning wedding venue at Fort Gibraltar

What a great day.  The weather was a amazing, and Mellissa and Murray had honestly thought of every single detail!  It was a unique day as at the Fort it was raining tree seeds which made it look like snow.  Kind or romantic if you ask me.

Melissa the bride has her make up done

The wedding rings on top of the news paper

Groom leaps in the air playing his air guitar with his band

Wedding rings nested in the back of the bride's dress

Flower girl and ring bearer walking on the wall of Fort Gilbralter

Stunning wedding venue at Fort Gibraltar

Bride showing a little comedic releif before family formals

Mellissa and Murray and their bridal party on the grand staircase at the Winnipeg Legislative Building

Bride and groom posing in front of one of the amazing doors at the Winnipeg legislative building

Bride and groom back lit in the halls of the Legislative building

Bride and Groom holding hands for a portrait

Stunning photo of the lobby at the Winnipeg Legislative Building

One of a kind wedding cake

Bridesmaid belting out a song with her guitar

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