Sam & David | Backyard wedding

David dipping Sam in the garden

Back yard weddings are ALWAYS a great time.  I can’t quite put my finger on it.  Whether there is no stress of renting a venue or that travel is some what simplified I just don’t know.  On average I would say they are a little more casual.  Sam and David’s wedding was just that.  Sam got married barefoot, and the dinner at the reception was catered by Little Bones Wings.  Wings, chicken fingers and fries for the reception dinner?  Yes PLEASE!  The rain had a little part in the day, but the as the reception began to spin up, so did the setting sun.  Sam’s mom also put in a huge effort in putting together this back yard gig.  Countless lights littered the yard from front to back.  Bird cages, trees, tents, and patios were all adorned with lights of all kinds.  It made for a super romantic and fun evening.  No one would have thought that it was actually someone’s back yard that hosted the event because it was so amazingly put together!  

Congrats you two!

Sam getting ready for her wedding holding her flowers David peering off as Sam walks up for the first look David gets to see his bride in her dress for the first time First look wedding photography seeing the ring The bride and her portrait after the first look Sam and her man for the newlywed images David hugging his bride under a huge tree David dipping Sam in the garden The newlyweds standing on  path in the back woods while the bride fills her dress up The couple kissing in front of a green field The couple snuggling close on a long pathway The wedding ring on some greenery Bag pipe player plays in the couple The couple saying their vows on their backyard patio The bride asks for the rings from the bestman The bride smiling while she puts on David's ring The first kiss under the archway on the patio Candid look at the couple during the signing One of the many large family photos during the reception The sun setting over the backyard reception The couple holding their party favours - beer cups Pouring light water bottle Back yard all lit up for the reception Bird cage filled with lights Bird cage filled with lights sitting  on a bird feeder The bride and groom shoving in rice crispy squares into the batsman's mouth

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