Robyn & Andrew – St. Boniface Golf Club

The great tree on the fairway at the St. Boniface Golf Club

It was a long time coming for these two love birds! Central Canada meets Eastern Canada!  Our very first screeching ceremony took place here.  Robyn and Andrew planned this day down to the very last detail.  Getting ready at the Hotel Fort Garry, a little pit stop at the Kings Head Pub, then over to the ever so amazing St. Boniface Golf Club for the ceremony and reception.

This wedding was not your typical wedding though.  You see Robyn is a ‘Newfie’ and Andrew wasn’t.  This can cause issues so the only way to deal with that is to screech-in Andrew!  What this is means, is that over the course of a few minutes a Screeching ritual is held to make Andrew an honorary Newfoundlander.  There was kissing of cod, drinking super fresh water imported directly from Newfoundland, kissing a Puffer bird’s ass, and of course shots of screech! Everyone was glad to see Andrew become a Newfie, and even had the opportunity to get screeched in themselves.  There were a lot of puckered faces after drinking the screech but hey, I guess that was the point.  Congrats Robyn and Andrew on the big day and taking the next step!

[x_blockquote type=”center”]’Deed I is, me ol’ cock! And long may yer big jib draw![/x_blockquote]

Andrew gets ready with his pocket square The amazing rings or Robyn and Andrew Everyone wants to help put the brides dress on Robyn enjoying all the attention Getting ready at the Hotel Fort Garry Sun falls on the maid of honour while she watches Robyn dress Everybody touching the bride as mom ties up the dress The mother of the bride and the bride share a special moment The bride and her ladies in the Hotel Fort Garry First look on the balcony of the Hotel Fort GarryRobyn on the stairs at the Hotel Fort Garry The couple walking down the stairs at the hotel Fort Garry Big smiles from behind the bar at the Kings Head Bar The entire bridal party at the Kings Head The boys throwing darts at the Kings Head The bride and her girls sitting at the bar The wedding rings sitting on the dart board A romantic dip with a kiss in the bar Robyn and Andrew cuddle on the golf green A tight hug before the ceremony Romantic moment on the bridge at the St. Boniface Golf Club The great tree on the fairway at the St. Boniface Golf Club Robyn hugging Andrew from the back with big smiles The groom walking across the parking lot with his boys for the ceremony The groom hugs his mother one last time a single man The father of the bride walks the bride down the isle at St. Boniface Golf Club The ceremony site at the St Boniface Golf Club Big smiles as Robyn and Andrew walk out down the isle Father of the bride holds the very dapper ring bearer The bride gives the super cute ring bearer a hug The bride and groom in the beautiful fall colour hold each other chest to chest A beautiful close up of the hands and rings Robyn looking over her bouquet The cake sitting on top of a cupcake tower The uncles start the screech ceremony Andrew getting ready for the screech ceremony Andrew holding up the Puffer bird Andrew kissing the cod fish Andrew is now officially screeched in!Authentic Screech imported from NewfoundlandThe first dance at the St Boniface Golf Club

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