Mira and James

Bride and Groom sharing a moment

Eggs were thrown at a picture of St. Claira who was able to ward off the bad weather. The day turned out amazing and super fun. There was a boxing ring for adults and a play center for the kids. Mira was stunning and totally shinned the whole day long. The two of them let us take them out for a few sessions during the day and we were able to get some really cool photos. Here are some of the teasers…

The bride through a glass reflection

best mad putting on his tie

Groom getting ready for the big day

Groom looking dapper at the wedding venue

The bride in front of her bedroom window

Striking bride in front of the window

Beautiful bride in her bedroom and her one of a kind wall paper

Mira looking amazing in her wedding dress

Groom checking some last minutes texts

The bride popping some champagne in the limo

the bridal party in the limo with a mirrored roof

Bride and her sister walk down the path to the wedding

High fives for the bride and her sister

Bride and her sister walking down the farm road

The bride walking in to her wedding

The groom is all smiles delivering his vows

The bride is beaming in her mountain wedding venue

Overtop the crowd the bride and groom are terribly happy

The couple saying their vows in the mountain valley

Walking out the isle to a shower of rose pedals

the small wedding party by the creek


Bride and her sister skipping rocks on the mountain creek

Bride and Groom sharing a moment

walking beside the creek in the middle of the mountains

Bride with massive boxing gloves in blow up ring

Bride and groom boxing with massive gloves in blow up ring

Bride and Groom on the mountain homestead stairs

Antique junker car is a perfect venue for wedding photos

Bride stretched out on Antique junker car

Groom looking like the boss with his wife dropped over the junker car in the background

Romantic photo of the couple with the blue sky on the hood of a junker car

Bride and groom on a park bench in the middle of a mountain valley

Bride and groom walking out to the sunset on their wedding day

Brides sister making faces for the camera

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