Marlene and James

Amazing back lit shot of the couple in their arbor

Victoria Beach is already an amazing place to visit.  Throw in a cottage wedding and it just doesn’t get better.  Both Kathy and I got enjoy this special day with Marlene and James and were honoured.  There was a small bunch gathered for this special day and weather held out.  Well there were traces of rain but we managed to make due and the party did go on!  Thanks Kathy for your help and your obvious talent behind the lens 🙂

The groom getting ready and putting on his tie with the help of the mirror

Groom getting ready with a beverage before his big day

Stunning venue setup in the yard of their cabin

Marlene the bride about to get dressed

One of a kind wedding ring

the bride puts her necklace on

The bride and tricky 3-way mirrors putting on her lipstick

Bride looking out and getting excited about her upcoming garden wedding

Artistic shot of the Bride getting ready in her cabin

The bride and her maid of honour

Rear view mirror shot of the groom

the bride and her daughter before the ceremony

The bride and her beautiful bouquet

The bride seen through a reflection in the glass

The groom anticipating seeing his bride for the first time

The bride making a grand entrance at her wedding

The back yard, cabin life wedding beside the lake

Bride and groom listening to their ceremony

The beautiful bride listens to her groom give his vows

The groom during the ceremony

The bride places the grooms wedding band on

Big smiles after the announcement of marriage

The couple share a moment once the ceremony has completed

Bride and groom up close and personal

Back lit photograph of the couple beside wall vine

Enjoying the cool breeze off the lake

The bride and groom on the rocks by the lake

Stunning storm clouds over top of the bride and groom

the rings up close while the bride and groom hold hands

Bride and groom back lit under the umbrella during light rain

The bride and her best friend sitting by a wishing well

Big smiles during jokes at the tent reception

not just 1 but 5 different wedding cakes

night time shot of the tent from the outside

Cutting the cakes in the tent

Bride and Groom give their speeches

Amazing back lit shot of the couple in their arbor

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