Leslie & Clayton Brave the cold

Leslie looking back at her bridesmaids during the ceremony to laugh

Well these two are pure love birds! The way that Clayton cherishes the ground that Leslie walks on is truly inspiring. Such big guy has one soft spot and that is Leslie. These two thought of everything, including the blankets for their guests for the cold. Although it drizzled for most of the day, 30 seconds before Leslie walked down the isle the sun came out. I am not going to lie, the weather was cold, and the amount of goose bumps gave me goose bumps. It was awesome when Leslie broke out the Sorel’s to keep her feet warm. Oh cabin life!

Thanks for asking Kathy and I to be apart of your special day.
Leslie's dress hanging elegantly in the living room
Leslie's bouquet and shoes during getting ready
Leslie slips into dress from the bottom
Clayton and his crew in their home
Leslie getting her final hair modifications before the wedding
Claytons classy suit with the touch of fire fighter
The father of the bride tries to take camera photo backwards
Leslie and a portrait by the window
Leslie and her bouquet by the window
The bridesmaid cat calling the bride
Clayton and his groomsmen before the wedding
Leslie and her bridesmaids getting ready for their big duty
Leslie and Claytons invitation with their wedding rings
Leslie and Clayton's Tacori wedding bands
Wedding guests staying dry during the ceremony rain
Leslie's dogs are also a part of the family
Clayton standing in the rain anticipating seeing his bride for the first time
Mother of the bride walking down the isle with her son
Leslie walking down the isle with her father at their cabin in West Hawk Lake
Clayton being very chivalry helping Leslie up on the hand made Arbor
Leslie looking back at her bridesmaids during the ceremony to laugh
The bride sheds a single tear during her wedding vows
Clayton looks on as Leslie reads her vows
Leslie and Clayton kiss in the arbor when the rain stops
The wedding party over top a very cold creek in the white shell
The wedding party staying warm during a cold fall photo session
Clayton and the bridesmaids trying to stay warm
Leslie and the groomsmen
Bride and groom romantically kiss on a bridge over a creek
Clayton carefully walks with his bride up the hill
Romance at the cabin on the lake
Clayton keeping Leslie warm during a chilly day
Leslie and Clayton stand on the dock at West Hawk
A wedding kiss in the dress with the bride wearing Sorel boots
Bride and Groom with their dos pose in the woods
Romantic kiss through a trucks side mirror
Unique just married sign back lit
the classic wedding shoe game with opposite answers in the tent
Wedding party watches slideshow in the warm tent during the reception at the West Hawk Ski Hill
Aerial view of the bride on the dance floor
First dance love with Leslie and Clayton
First dance in the tent with wedding party watching
Father and Daughter run into Mother and son on the dance floor

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