Kylie & Kevin – The Fort Garry Hotel

Newlyweds in the Hotel Fort Garry bar

Kicking off the new year with a bang! Why wait till the snow melts or the leaves turn green. Lets get at er! January 2 was a great day to get married! These two are the biggest train buffs I have ever met. I believe they have travelled by train over 30 times (if I am not mistaken). Because of this “addiction” we had to visit the station for some photos. I am not going to lie, it was a little chilly running between the Hotel Fort Garry and Union Station (aka Via Station). Our noses and cheeks were quick to turn red and chills were not far behind. Kylie was the one with the short dress handled it like a boss. Not missing a beat. It is hard to think about being cold when you see a bride in her dress in the blowing snow, not shivering. It was great working with these two at two of Winnipeg’s beautiful locations. To be honest I have been in the Hotel Fort Garry before, but this is the first time a wedding brought me to the Train Station!

Kylie hugs Kevin close in the lobby of the Hotel Fort GarryThe bride stand in front of the Christmas tree in the lobby of the Hotel Fort GarryThe bride and groom through the reflection of a huge Christmas ornament in the lobby of the Hotel Fort Garrynewlyweds kissing against a wooden fence in the snowThe newlyweds crossing Main Street in the snowKissing in Union Station in Winnipeg ManitobaGetting close with the bride and groom in the first floor of Union Station Winnipeg, Manitobalarge panoramic of the newlyweds in the basement of Union Station Wedding photography in the bar at the hotel Fort GarryRomantic wedding kiss in the bar of the Hotel Fort GarryNewlyweds in the Hotel Fort Garry bar

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