Kristen & Matthias Jan 13 – 2016 Laughing Waters Jamaica

The couple with a romantic dip on the brick wall and the sunset in the background

Destinations weddings are simply amazing.  This is how I started my photography career when I lived in the Mayan Riviera.  We met Kristen and Matthias quite a while ago with their canoe now and did their engagement photos found here.  The two of them invited us to come down to Jamaica and continue capturing their moments.  When you hire AJ Enns Photography, destination weddings are the same process except the bride and groom cover the travel and accommodations.  This usually means a couple extra shoots during out stay though 🙂  We also recently posted their sunrise session a few days ago and are working on their trash the dress photos next!

The entire group of friends and family made the trek down their to help share this very special day.  There were tons of laughs, and a few tears of happiness that we experienced during the trip.  The close friends and family really surrounded the two with tons of love and you could tell.  The resort was Gran Bahai Principe, and the wedding day venue was Laughing Waters Jamaica.  Funny story but this villa was the home to the author of James Bond Ian Flemming who lived there while he wrote one of the books, and even the beach was a scene in Dr. No.  White Lights Events was also truly amazing.  A tent with a clear roof?!?!?  Come on now, that was just amazing! To add they had hanging chandelier and built most of the tables and stands that day earlier with chainsaws!  Simply amazing!

Please join us in congratulating Kristen & Matthias on their new lives together and their amazing wedding!

The girls sitting on the bed at the villa The groom shaving before his big day The villa where the wedding takes place. Also where the author of James Bond lived The wedding dresses hanging on a spiral staircase. The bride being pampered Looking out from the villa at the Caribbean Ocean The maid of honour reflects on her big day The groom and his boys being shuttled to the wedding venue location Kristen having her lipstick applied The bride and lipstick is always fun The groom getting dressed Matthias with his popped collars Matthias reading his bridal gift from Kristen The guys and their shades from up above. Matthias and his groomsmen Kristen stretched out over the spiral staircase the bride showing off the back of her long wedding dress The groomsmen posing on a staircase Kristen reading her love letter from Matthias All the bridesmaids in a row Unclose with Kristen and her bridesmaids Matthias walking up the hill with his boys Kristen sneaking up behind Matthias for their first look The bridesmaids in the sunshine The couple and the bridal party in the trees in Jamaica Looking into each others eyes as the bridal party looks on walking up the hill with big smiles on the wedding party Kristen walking down the isle with her grandfather The wedding venue on the beach in Jamaica The wedding site from above on the cliff over looking the Caribbean Ocean Mother and father of the groom holding hands Bridesmaid listens as the bride gives her vows Mother of the bride shedding a tear listening to the vows The bride from behind Chuppah on the beach The bride sliding on the grooms ring The 3 bridesmaids holding their flowers with big smiles Kristen & Matthias walking out the isle with huge smiles the entire wedding guests The newlyweds lifting up their clothes to cross a steam the bride looking sexy with one foot on the grooms knee The bride sitting on the grooms knee on the sandy shore of the Caribbean Ocean the couple walking down the beach holding hands. Giggles were had during the newlywed shots Big smiles as the bride and groom hold each other close Kristen peering over Matthias' shoulder Kristen relaxes in the Matthias's strong arms showing off the back of her dress The couple at the foot of a water fall while Kristen peeks back at the camera The couple with a romantic dip on the brick wall and the sunset in the background the wedding tent setup by White Lights Events Jamaica Dancing with a tie and getting jiggy with it! Kristen dancing up a storm! The boys enjoying a cigar at the end of the night Cigars and backlit under the treesthe first dance with the bride and grooms shadow on the roof of the clear wedding tent roof

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