Julie & Darrell | Pine Ridge Golf Club

The newly weds sitting in the antique truck

Julie and Darrell had a “one of a kind” wedding.  All day I kept thinking of the movie Jerry Maguire and the line: “you complete me”.  Well seeing these two together I can see they have the same feeling.  It was a lot of fun getting ready at the Evergreen Gate B & B.  Such a beautiful venue to get ready by the way.  They had also brought a vintage truck from a relative that just fit the bill for these two and their day.  Pine Ridge Golf Course never disappoints with the amazing views and great sunsets.  We wish these two all the best!

Julie getting her hair just right Julie finishing her wedding hair Mother of the bride cries in front of the dress as she hugs her daughter The bride slips into her dress Mother and bridesmaid watch the bride get dressed The bride's amazing shoes Darrell is worried the wedding truck won't start The couples wedding rings in the afternoon sun The boys cheersing before the big day The groom and his men having a drink viewed through the antique truck A special hug from Darrell after the first look Julie standing under the trees holding her flowers The bride and groom kiss under an amazing weeping willow The brides gets a little spicy posing in the blue truck The wedding party in front of the blue antique truck Julie and Darrell in the front seat of the antique blue truck The newly weds sitting in the antique truck Darrell poses in front of the truck The two have a special moment while getting ready The mother of the groom hugs her boy at the end of the isle The wedding venue at Pine Ridge Golf Club Singing the wedding documents at Pine Ridge The bride and groom walking out the isle The wedding cake for Julie and Darrell Cake pops for dessert A kiss at the reception table The brie and groom toast a bridesmaid A romantic moment on the golf course as the sun sets Julie and Darrell on the putting green at the end of the long wedding day

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