Jolene and Jeff dodge the rain

The recession to streamers and sparkles

Yeah it was a very crazy day.  I can’t believe the time that Jolene had put into planning.  Everything was planned perfectly during their special day.  The rain even held off for a little while so that we could get some cool photos outside.  Their dreamy barn also now doubles as a rental venue for someone else’ wedding.  Lets see what all happened but didn’t affect their big day: CRAZY rain storm which might have had hail, power outage, tents almost blowing away, and how can I forget a double rainbow on their wedding day!

All the best you two!

Wedding dress hanging in the trees and blowing in the wind

Bride and Groom snow globe? Best gift ever!

Jolene having her mother help put her dress on

flower girl admiration of the wedding dress

Jolene peeking out her veil on a sunny day

Beautiful Jolene from behind a lit shrub

Brushing bride moments before their vows

The wedding in the Red Barn

The recession to streamers and sparkles

Jolene and her beautiful dress with her flower girls on her lap

Jolene and Jeff with their portrait by the loft door of the red barn

Jeff and his portrait in the barn he built by hand

A romantic moment in the loft of the barn with the bride and groom

Jolene and her portrait

The red barn wedding venue

Wedding day storm cloud

First dance as the entire guest list looks on and cheers

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