Jessica & Scott

The groom kissing the brides hand under the darkly lit bar

The big day finally arrived for these two love birds.   Leaving the city to move a smaller town is just around the corner for these two (well 3 if you include the whole family).  As fall comes and goes, the cool air can come quickly.  This day was no different as the air was ultra frigid!  I have to give props to these ladies running around the Exchange District for some photos in sleeveless dresses and without any complaints!  I could see the goose bumps from 10 feet away haha.  We worked quick and tried to get the newlywed shots done early.  The wedding was small with the closest family and friends.  It makes for a great day when everyone knows everyone!  After the ceremony we headed down to the Elephant and Castle in the heart of Winnipeg for a few more photos and dinner.  When the photos were done, Jessica and Scott insisted we couldn’t leave without having a drink that kind of started the whole thing.  The Liverpool Kiss – Guinness and Creme de Cassis.  If you ever get a chance I/We recommend it 🙂

Congrats Jessica & Scott!

Brides bouquet with beautiful peacock feathers[x_clear]
The bridal party in Stephen Juba Park
Bride and Groom in the leaves in Stephen Juba Park
Jessica sitting on Scott's lap
The maid of honour giving the groom the "what for" look
The full bridal party in a back lane in the Exchange District
Kissing in a back alley
Jessica looking stunning
The wedding rings on a worn out brick wall
A little kiss in the middle of the exchange district
Looking into each other eyes in the Exchange District
Scott fixing Jessica's hair
The bride and groom kissing against a window
Jessica and Scott in the Exchange District
A little romance in the Elephant and Castle
The ring sitting on top of the draft knob[x_clear]
The Liverpool Kiss was the drink of the night
the beautiful lighting in the E and C
Jessica looking into Scotts eyes
Kissing near the bar at the Elephant and Castle
Sisters all drinking Liverpool Kisses at the bar
The bride and her maid of honour / best friend

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