Felicia & Bryan at Pine Ridge Golf Course

Meet Felicia & Bryan

Yes it was a true party! Felicia and Bryan set up a great party!  Pine Ridge Golf Course is a super romantic place to have a wedding.  With the natural amphitheatre buried back in the trees it gave a super quiet and romantic spot for their friends and family members to witness the public vows between each other.  Surrounded by their family and friends this was a love filled wedding.   The flower girls and ring bearer were also a special treat.  Having had two special nieces to Felicia, they were the obvious choice.  One just so happened play the ring bearer and OWNED the suit!  The other one just also happened to OWN the wedding dress.  There were a few tears in the room when she tried the dress on.

Kathy and I were extremely happy to be apart of this amazing wedding, and wish these two all the best in their new lives together!

The rings from both grandparents were the wedding bands Groomsmen checking out his tie in the mirror Beautiful flower girl trying on Felicia's wedding dress  Felicica relaxed while having her make done.
All the groomsmen hailing the air conditioner The bride looking stunning all ready Bridesmaid and female ring bearer watch as bride puts her dress on Need to straighten the grooms tie  Groomsmen having one last drink Mother of the bride tying up the wedding dress All the girls are helping put on the wedding dress The groom getting a ride in the golf cart The bride's beautiful dress and her see through tie  The groom holding hands with the groomsman for a pose Felicia getting into the truck on the way to the venue. Bryan and his boys pose with their sunglasses Felicia sneaks up behind Bryan for the first look.  Bryan turns around and sees Felicia for the first time The full bridal party bridesmaid and groomsmen walking down the isle  The two girls who are flower girl and ring bearer Felicia in the sunlight during the ceremony  The ceremony nestled in at Pine Ridge Golf CourseBryan and the empty box Overlooking the ceremony Bryan slips on Felicia's wedding band Golf carts are always fun with kids in them Felicia and her girls The bridal party in the trees at Pine Ridge Golf Course Bride and Groom driving the golf cart to the next photo location A little romance by the water fountain. Meet Felicia & Bryan Embracing in the sun light under the trees The bride hitting a ball on the fairway Cake pops were the unofficial wedding cake The groomsmen and the flower girl watching a slide show AJEP_FeliciaBryan_3553 The groom and his boys arm in arm watching the father daughter dance The groomsmen having a late night cigar Groomsmen enjoying a cigar and laughing The bridal party being back lit in the sunset on the fairway at Pine Ridge Golf Course

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