Erin & Marc

Bride and groom share their vows in front of the fireplace

When your good buddy asks you be a part of his wedding, there is not much that would keep me away.  I was honored to be part of Erin and Marc’s special day.  They have been true friends.  The day was truly magical and everything went super smooth from start to finish.  Watching Erin video conference with her niece in New Zealand was so touching.  Watching these two party all night was all inspiring as well!

Pre-make up puckering

The bride talking to nieces in New Zealand over skype

The bride getting all the attention

The bride showing off her winter wedding gloves

Erin having her eye lashes put on

The brides beautiful shoes with her pearl necklace

The wedding bands made at the same place the Lord of Rings ring was made

Marc getting ready for the big day

Marc tying up his tie

Erin crafting the scissors carefully on her wedding dress

Marc and his suit

The groom all done getting ready

The groom making a last minute phone call to the bride

Erin being called by Marc

Marc and his father are all jokes

Erin spicing it up in their house

Marc walking to the Winnipeg Conservatory with his parents

The groom getting nervous before the first look

Erin taps Marc on the shoulder for the first time

The happy couple

Erin and Marc at the

Erin and Marc tucked away at the Conservatory

Erin and Marc laughing while dancing

Hidden away in the conservatory flowers

the bride and groom show a little jungle fever

Bride and groom walk into the Qualico Center at the Assiniboine Park

Breaking out in laughter during the ceremony

Amazing wedding venue at the Qualico Center at the Assiniboine Park

Bride and groom share their vows in front of the fireplace

Sharing their vows in front of the Christmas tree

Romantic first kiss in front of the Christmas tree

Kyle looks on through the crowd

Alden and Brent are all smiles

Wedding Photo Booth fun

Erin and Marc join in the Photo Booth with cosutmes

Thank you speech at the Qualico Center

First dance on the dance floor

Everyone watching the couple dance

First dance for the father of the groom

Bridal party dancing

Bride and groom enjoying the first dance

Busting a move on the dance floor

Bride and Groom getting all tied up in paper on the dance floor

Getting all wrapped up on the dance floor

Dancing the night away with the bride and groom

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