Crystal & Reto The Gates on Roblin

Crystal hugging Reto from behind

It was very interesting day to say the least.  First I had to leave the hospital early as my wife just gave birth to our first born.  It was the day we were supposed to go home, so it was not that big of deal.  Then on the way to The Gates on Roblin, I was unable to drive the speed limit as the rain was coming so strong my wipers could not keep up.  The rain didn’t phase these two as show kept going.  By the time ceremony started, the rain started to slow and by the time the ceremony was complete the rain had finally stopped.  This was perfect as it allowed us to head outside for some photos. Between the rain puddles and vibrant greens after a rain it could not be better!  Things just get sweeter over time with these two! Congratulations!

Crystal putting on the final touches of her makeup The bride putting on her makeup upstairs at The Gates on Roblin Crystal's shoes and ring hanging from a wall light Crystal's Steve Madden wedding shoes The groom and his mother Friend talks to the bride while she is putting on her dress in the bathroom Crystal looking stunning after putting her dress on Maid of honour helping put on the bride's shoes The bride posing in front of a window after getting ready The bride playing with her hair in front of a window Rain on the windows at the Gates after a heavy rain The bride holding her bouquet Crystal securing the rings to a pillow Reto and his mother walking down the isle Crystal walking down the spiral staircase at The Gates on Roblin The groom all smiles as the bride's father hands her over Rain ceremony site at the Gates on Roblin Maid of honour sneaking in a cute smile The bride placing the grooms ring on his finger at the Gates on Roblin Crystal placing Reto's ring on his finger Crystal and Reto's first kiss at The Gates on Roblin Black and white photo of the bride kissing the groom Crystal looking stunning holding on to Reto A reflection of the amazing Steve Madden shoes next to water The couple kissing with their reflection in a puddle Crystal hugging Reto from behind the couple sitting on a park bench at the Gates The couple with big smiles as they have their photos taken Reto looking back as the couple walks away

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