Carla & Mike | Mather MB

Upload images of the moment just before Carla kissed Mike

Easily the hottest wedding we have photographed in Canada.  It was a mere 38 degrees (before the humidity) on August 11, 2018.  Thank goodness there was a good breeze so it didn’t feel as hot as it was.  The setting was the amazing Melvin farm just outside of Mather Manitoba.  This was the third wedding on the yard, which included Carla’s parents getting married just a few feet from the oak tree that Carla and Mike said their vows under.  Carla and Mike’s two boys were the ring bearers, and OMG were they handsome in their bow ties.  The tent was full of food, family and love surrounding these two. This made it a very special farm wedding.  Congrats to the both of you (and your boys)!  

Tent Reception setup on the farm Carla putting the ring bearer pants The 2 year old ring bearer wearing a bow tie Carla putting on bow tie of 4 year old The ring bearer mesmerized by the beer fridge Carla tapping on Mike's shoulder during the first look The groom's first reaction to seeing his bride for the first time The first embrace after seeing each other The bridal party kneeling on the ground with the  two ring bearers Carla and her maid of honour Mike watching Simmo do up his tie Carla resting on Mike's chest in front of a wheat field Carla resting in Mike's chest being back lit Carla and Mike facing each other leading against a paint peeling shed Carla and Mike kissing under a spot light against a peeling shed Moody kiss of the two leaning against fence Upload images of the moment just before Carla kissed Mike Carla and Mike having giggles in the wheat field The couple looking into each others eyes in the wheat field Low angle shot in the wheat of the couple kissing Close up of the holding hands with the rings in focus through the wheat Family dog wearing "dog of honour" scarf The ultra cute flower girls dropping rose pedals The groom running down the isle looking for high fives The ring bearer brothers walking down the isle timidity the bride and her parents walking down the isle Wide angle shot of the wedding site underneath a massive oak tree The bride and grooms 2 year old holding the mike during the vows The two year old causing giggles during the vows The couple sharing vows withe their guests in the background The sand ceremony The first kiss under the oak tree recessional with the couples two boys Driving away in a convertible with tin cans strung to the bumper The full Melvin family from up high The bride and her friends holding up their wedding ring fingers showing off their wedding rings The couple giving their thank you speech under the tent The wedding cake with a pink bow The tower of cupcakes The first dance under the tent being back lit During the first dance, the oldest son jumping near the parents Mother son dancing at the same time the father and daughter taken from outside the tent

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