Beach party

Mandy and Derek on the dock for their newly weds on the lake by Lac Du Bonnet

Again the timing of the day was unbelievable! Cloudy during the ceremony, sunny for the reception and swimming, then once most people left the skies opened up. Perfection. Mandy and Derek are not your normal couple. These two are some of the fittest people here in Winnipeg. With co-owning Prairie Crossfit these two are real busy. Add in Willow their baby girl and then their two pugs, I am not really sure how they get it all in.

The wedding was held at their family cabin in Lac du Bonnet in real style. The vows were said on the end of the dock that they later was soaked by kids jumping off of. It was a small wedding with their closest of friends and family and I would say everyone knew everyone! Kathy and I could feel the love in the air that everyone shares with each other.

From wall balls, to over head squats, to Derek’s speciality muscle ups this was a wedding that was one of kind! Please enjoy the teaser photos and try not to go “ahhhhhh” at the flower girls in the wagon.

Derek has his own portrait while waiting for Mandy to get ready

Mandy sneaks up behind Derek for the first look

Derek see Mandy for the first time

The groom pushes the bride on a tire swing on the shore

Quiet time at the cabin with the bride and groom

Romance with the bride and groom looking out over the lake

Mandy and Derek pose for a newly wed portrait

The lake at Lac Du Bonnet is the perfect backdrop for newly wed images

Mandy and Derek on the dock for their newly weds on the lake by Lac Du Bonnet

Over head squats were part of the wedding WOD - Prairie Crossfit Style

The groom loves to do muscle ups while his wife watches

The bride and groom's daughter loved her tricycle

Dogs can be apart of the wedding party too

The most amazing flower girls in a bow covered wagon

The bride and groom wave as a boat passes by during the ceremony

Bride and Groom say their vows on the dock under the grooms brother care

Full wedding group shot next to the lake

Mandy and Derek say their thank you under the garden tent

Enjoying cupcakes in replace of a wedding cake

Father of the Groom enjoying his grand-daughter after the wedding

Kids enjoying the lake after the wedding

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