Amy & Kevin at Patricia Beach

Leaning against a vintage car in the back 40

Summer is heating up, and this wedding was no different. I think it was just over 30 degrees and Kevin rocked the 3 piece suit and a full beard like a boss! Amy and Kevin are super casual and had planned the perfect back yard wedding to match. Everything was thought of including a John Deere Gator and golf cart to move the guests around. Amy’s dress was hand sewn by her mother and was absolutely beautiful! What a perfect gift from her mother.  Tons of friends were there to share the special day with these two, and anyone could tell that they are very well like by all their friends and the life of the party!  All the best Amy & Kevin!

Amy getting pampered having her make up put on

Kevin straightening up the beard to look perfect  Kevin making sure he has what he needs for the big day

The home made wedding dress hangs by the wedding site

The rings sit on the wedding invite

The wedding rings in the ring box

Bridesmaid having a beverage before getting her dress on

The wedding rings and garter in the sun shine

The first time I have seen an ice pick to make apparel modification

Kevin leaving for the wedding

Kevin enroute to the ceremony site

Amy and her ring bearers and flower girl

The very special rings

The bridesmaids help Amy put her dress on

Amy looking stunning while getting ready

The bridal party and their favourite dance moves

Kevin and his groomsmenAmy holding her bouquet leaning against a bail stack

Lovely bridesmaids in the sun

The bridesmaid rocker out a perfect spiral throw

Amy holds Kevin close

Kissing from viewed from within an abandoned car

The rings were very special because they were from their grandparents

Kissing in the sun rays in the back yard wedding

Romantic kiss for Amy and Kevin

The special guest book that was hand made

Amy's aunt made amazing wine for everyone

The bride and her ladies show their gator impersonation while on a Gator

Kevin making jokes in his thank you speech

Amy and Kevin in their first Dance

The bridesmaid caught the bouquet and shows it off

The guy who caught the garter on a foot ball has a celabatory dance

Amy and Kevin Dance under the trees

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