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His and her wedding shoes

Bring on the shoes!

The wedding day shoe selection is always critical.  It is a way for the bride and groom to show their style.  Some times shoes cost a lot, sometimes they cost a little.  But every wedding, you can be sure that the bride and groom have put some time into thinking what will be their decision.  Sometimes brides even bring a backup pair.  

Trash the dress is not a literal thing

So many of my clients hear “trash the dress” and get scared.  They think the name is literal.  Most of the time the dress will actually come out cleaner than the day of the wedding.  Fresh water and sand will not damage the dress.  There is still hesitation though.  For those who have that “priceless” dress or shoes and would never imagine putting them at risk, you can always get away with a good substitute. [x_icon type=”lightbulb-o”]  Here one bride got […]