Joanne & Darren enjoy fall

Sitting on a long pathway in the leaves

Even though I have photographed an RCMP officer before, I have not photographed a 6’5″ guy!  If you have ever met Darren, you know is the nicest guy, but he just commands respect.  You add that with Joanne who has a PHD, and it was a little humbling.  Thanks guys for choosing me to spend your evening with and I can’t wait to see you both pushing at the gym next time!


The family feeding the geese Canadian Geese storm photo session High angle view of the couple surrounded by geese Enjoying a park bench in St.Vital Park Lone goose watching the engagement session happening Scarves kept the couple warm during the session Holding each other close On a small bridge over a creek at St.Vital Park Staying close Family love Sitting on a long pathway in the leaves Darren showing his size

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