Sara & Tanner

The plaid couple by the bridge in Kilcona Park

It is not every day that a Bullmastiff joins a photography session but these two brought their 90 lb pup :).  He didn’t want to sit still long but we did manage to get a few photos.  There was no snow on the ground so we went out to enjoy one more day of photography in the late fall.  Kilcona park was pretty vacant except for us, it is a super beautiful park so if you ever have the chance you should head out there.

Sarah and Tanner and their Bull Mastif

The plaid couple by the bridge in Kilcona Park

A close embrace for engagement photos in Kilcona Park

Posing by the park bench in Kilcona Park

A tight squeeze trying to stay warm on a chilly day

Sarah & Tanner sitting under a huge spruce tree in Kilcona Park

Sarah basking in the afternoon sun in Kilcona Park

Sarah's beautiful ring nestled in the grass

The ring nestled in a tree knot

Kissing on the top of the hill in Kilcona Park

Sarah's big lifted truck

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