The setting sun silhouettes's the two loves birds standing on a ridge

Julie & Darrell – Stonewall MB

ajenns Engagement Photography

Well you can’t ask for better timing that what these two love birds got!  It was my first time visiting the Quarry Park in Stonewall and I honestly can’t wait to go back there.  I am so excited to photograph these two on their big day.

The couple and their dog sitting under a bright yellow fall tree Engagement photos in Quarry Park in Stonewall Julie laying back against Darryl's chest The couple sitting under a fall tree Walking their dog down a path in Quarry Park Manitoba Hugging under a bright yellow tree Julie kissing her dog while bending over Julie leaning over to look in her dogs eyes A romantic moment where Julie hugs Darryl in the setting daylight A close up of Julie's beautiful eyes and purple hair A silhouette in the quarry at Stonewall Hugging each other while dancing Piggy backs lake side at Quarry park Julie's amazing ring on a rusty footbridge beam.