Ashlee & Tyler

Ashley Tyler dancing in the Park

Crescent drive park is quickly becoming one of my favourite places to photograph. Now throw in a super cute couple and add in the fact they are in love, just makes a perfect combination. Having romantic photography sessions in late fall can be chilly but also amazing. When the chilly breeze comes in, the couple usually cuddles a little closer. This is perfect for me, as I just have to sit by and enjoy. Special thanks to Kathy for braving the cold with us as well.

The stunning couple and their engagement photos

Such a beautiful couple on a chilly day

Ashlee striking a pose with the help of Tyler

Ashley Tyler dancing in the Park

Dancing in the middle of Crescent Drive Park

Ashlee modeling for her portrait

Ashlee's ring resting in some moss

Ashlee sitting on Tyler's lap for engagement photos in Crescent Drive Park

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