Amber & Matt

Engagement photos near the Red River in Stephen Juba Park

For the past few shoots, I kept saying winter was on its way. Well it has officially arrived! It is still fun trudging through the snow, and rolling around in it. Stephen Juba park is always a great place to go for engagement photos either in summer or in winter. There is just a good mix of everything. It is also fun to photograph another photographer. Amber came prepared with some fun goodies. Amber was also a good sport by taking some shots about her choice in jerseys. All jokes Amber but I hope the Jets still beat the Oilers.

Sitting in the snow for engagement photos in Stephen Juba Park

Engagement photos trying to stay warm in Stephen Juba park

Amber and Matt in Stephen Juba Park

Enjoying the cold in Stephen Juba Park for Engagement Photos

Engagement photos near the Red River in Stephen Juba Park

In the heart of the exchange for engagement photos with Amber and Matt in Winnipeg

Snuggling with her jacket Amber stays warm during her engagement photos

Amber looking beautiful downtown Winnipeg

Matt having his portrait in the Exchange District downtown Winnipeg

Engagement photos in the exchange district Winnipeg with Amber and Matt

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