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What is your photography back up strategy?

Recently a friend asked about backing up, and I began writing her a email and then realized that more people might want to know what I do. So here it is: I will just tell you my current strategy and you can take it or leave it. I guess it all depends on your contract with your clients, your terms of service, and just how valuable your photos are to you? If you are anything like me, they are worth […]

Best photography of the decade

As a photographer I always struggle to deliver the best. The best quality, the best composition, the best innovation. Now I know I am not the best but that is what I strive for. When a friend sent me this link, I was brought back to the basics. I remembered a quote I heard from another friend. “The best camera to use is the one you have with you“. Well after looking at these photos, I realized that image quality […]

Back in business

Well folks, as many things in IT happen our service provider had some problems.  I send out my apologies to my fans for the inconvenience.  But I am back up and running.  So my question to you is have you have had a huge technical failure?  Has your laptop fried?  Do you have a website and it has gone down?   How do you handle it?  Do you have a regular chain of events?  Start with a stiff drink and […]


Well I lived through the weekend. Saturday morning was a ton of fun shooting all the people who came out for a great cause. The weather was awesome and air was crisp which made for a great day to run. I think the oldest participant was 82 years old and finished with flying colors. Those photos should be coming up this week so stay tuned. Saturday night was flat track motorcycle racing, and Sunday was a 5 hour endurance race […]