Top view of the 3 shades of yellow wedding cake

The wedding cake

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The beautiful single tier triple yellow coloured wedding cake

The wedding cake is a wedding staple. We have seen them come in all shapes and sizes. Some cakes start with an interview between the bride and groom with the baker. There are some amazing bakers out there that want to know the personality of the bride and groom and build that into the cake somehow. Some brides are lucky enough to have a special friend who is a baker. They bypass the interview the process because they know exactly who the bride and groom are.

The one thing we can tell you is that the after dinner dessert speaks about the bride and groom’s personality. From Butter Tart’s, to mouth watering cupcakes, to one of a kind personality cakes we all agree that the dessert part of the day is critical and even amazing!

During your next wedding, take some time out to head over to the “cake”. Take a peak at it. Take a look at the details and the craftsmen ship. Someone spent a lot of time and energy to make this piece of art for the couple and deserves some admiration before being cut up and shared amongst everyone!

As photographers we always photograph but seldom get a chance to taste the cake. None the less we always appreciate the hard work that went into it!

Very classy wedding cake

Amazing Cake Studio master piece

Amazing wedding cupcakes beautifully back lit