Mi Familia!

Well what can I say?  Renee and I have been cousins well…. my whole life!  We don’t get to see each other very often but we made a conscious effort to make it happen last week.    She lives in the Boyne Lodge in Carmen, and the staff there have made the property simply amazing.  From a narrow creek, and old wooden bridge to a neighbouring golf course.  I like to say that I can be witty at times, but I had to bring my “A” game just to keep up with Renee.  She is always out-joking and out-smarting me with her amazing banter which made our photo shoot so much fun.  Kathy and I both laughed so hard we needed Syl’s on the way home to settle our tummies hehe.

Thanks for taking the time cuz to share with Kathy and I.

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