Silvie & Lincoln in the Mayan Riveria

The happy couple posing on a golf course in Playa Del Carmen

It is not everyday that a photographer gets to photograph his teacher.  During Kathy and mine destination wedding trip this past February we got to spend some time with our photographer and actually photograph him and his recent fiance!  The pressure was on but I was able to get into my stride and capture some of the special moments.  I have to admit that Lincoln had a big part in shaping my photography and who I am today.  I also couldn’t be happier that he was able to find the love of his life too.  The icing on the cake is walking out his door in Playacar, Playa del Carmen Mexico is unlimited beauty as far as locations go for photography.  It was good to revisit where I lived and go with the these two.

From Kathy and I congratulations Silvie and Lincoln and we wish you all the best!  See you at the wedding!

Silvie resting on Lincoln's shoulder Engagement photos by the water in Play del Carmen Silvie looking striking while embracing Lincoln The tree of souls in Playacar     Low angle looking up at the tree of souls Romance through the trees beside the ocean Silvie and Lincoln looking like models The couple leaning up against driftwood beside the ocean A kiss during sunset on the beach Walking hand in hand in cool breeze from the ocean Bathing in the sunset light on the beach Staring off into the setting sun on the beach Sylvia playing with her scarf in the breeze

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