The first couple

Magic happens when you least expect it

It was a fun day.  Only a few days before it was 29 degrees out, this day it was raining and snowing.  That did not slow Brittany and Brad down one bit!  The weather didn’t matter to them, which made the day just that much more fun!  Start to finish at 12 person wedding party, this was laughs!   It was great to finally be part of the day of the first couple who met with me after coming back from Mexico.  Cheers Britt and Brad –

The grooms walking cane

Bride enjoying her special attention

A cold beverage during the ladies getting ready

The wedding shoes draped in the wedding pearls

The groom helping his guys get dressed

The bride's reflection off the counter during her makeup

Brad straightening his bowtie

A baby watches me take photos

Brad checking himself out in the mirror

Brittany is stunning while she gets her makeup

Brad looking like a boss in the hotel lobby at the Hotel Fort Garry

Brad looking very dapper in the Hotel Fort Garry

The bride in front of a huge window at the Millennium Centre, in Winnipeg


The women side of the bridal party at the corner room of the Millennium Centre

Ant's view of the ceremony in the hall at the Millennium Centre

Stunning bride during her candle lit ceremony at the Millennium Centre

Amazing venue shot lit by candles at the Millennium Centre

Bride and Groom overwhelming with joy walking out after the ceremony

Gorgeous bride posing for her portrait

Amazing love with these two upstairs at the Millennium Centre

The mob boss upstairs at the Millennium Centre

Portrait frame at the Millennium Centre

Antique pearl white limo

Interior of the pearl white limo

interior shot of the antique plymoth

Bride and groom in the back seat of the car

A little romance in the back seat of the limo

Magic happens when you least expect it

White limo under the bridge


Under the bridge at the Forks Market, Winnipeg

The reception at the Millennium Centre

Brittany and Brad have their first dance at the Millennium Centre

Setting the mood during the first dance at the Millennium Centre

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