• Lagoon Lounge Regent Casino

    Jenn & Kursty

Super chill is only one way to describe these two amazing people.  The entire day went off without a hitch, mostly because these two already did the work and let the day unfold as it needed.  Yes there was rain, but that didn't slow anyone down.  The wedding started at the Lagoon Lounge at the Regent Casino where all their friends witnessed their vows.  We then snuck off to the Red River Community College campus downtown to get some newlywed images.  We were first greeted with candy canes and Christmas trees, as they were apparently shooting a Christmas movie on the first floor.  We avoided the Christmas cheer by escaping up a few stairs where we had all the fun. The evening ended back at the Casino with dancing and laughs for the rest of the night. Super casual all day, and talking with their friends is how anyone would describe them!

We want to wish Jenn & Kursty all the best!  We are just sorry the rain kept Kursty's sweet car out of the wedding shenanigans.  :(

Jenn's engagement ring nestled on a pearl necklace
Jenn and her custom made bouquet
The bride with big smiles on the alter
Jenn and Kurstay and their first kiss
The ceremony site at the Regent Casino
Jenn and Kursty hold each other close at the Red River Campus Downtown
the bridal party at the walkway at the Red River Collage Campus
Jenn and her maid of honour on the walkway at the Red River Collage Campus
Rear view of Jenn's wedding dress while holding Kursty's arm
Jenn leaning in close to Kursty while he leans against a railing
Jenn and big smiles while holding her custom bouquet leaning against a railing
Kursty leaning against a railing making a smirk
Wide angle view of the couple on the walkway at RRCC downtown
The bride holding her bouquet behind her
Jenn leaning against a railing holding her bouquet
The couple under a spot light on the stairs in a study hall at RRCC
The couple embrace in front of a huge puddle with and their reflection
The couple holding hands on a small table looking into each others eyes at RRCC
Kursty getting in close with his bride while she smiles
Jenn and Kursty's amazing wedding cake
4 young girls sit on the dance floor while listening to speeches
Jenns' reaction to her bridesmaids speech
The first dance in the Lagoon Lounge at the Regent Casino
Kursty helping Jenn cut the cake
Kursty making a face while Jenn is in disbelief
Penn look-a-like doing a magic trick
Jenn about to throw her bouquet
Slow motion image of Jenn and her maid of honour on the dance floor
Wedding guest looking under Jenn's dress

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