Frostfit 2012


One of the fastest growing sports in the world right now and I am proud to be a part of it. I go regularly as well as photograph it. On Saturday I went down to their new gym on Lagimodiere and spent the day. The gym was packed with both spectators and athletes. Just about every performance was inspiring but the moment that was the highlight for me was during the third WOD. Jordan Derksen was about to get cut off his work out because of running out of time. There were only a few moments left and the crowd could sense it. The crowd grew in noise, and even the other competitor who competed beside Jordan stood up to yell in his ear. With a some time spare Jordan found the strength: possibly from the crowd, or the competitor but it was him who finally finished the power cleans on his own. Jordan finished his workout that only 4 other guys in the gym were able to do. It truly was inspiring, even when I am behind the camera sometimes it feels like I can miss some of the action but there was just too much emotion in the air to ignore!

Good job Prairie Crossfit and representing!

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