• St. Boniface Cathedral

    Jessie & Justin

It was a hot summer evening in the heart of St. Boniface at the St. Boniface Cathedral.  Dodging quite a few other families and artists we managed to get the job done and slay the engagement session.  With the wedding only a few weeks around the corner, the excitement was prevalent with these two.  Climbing, and crawling around we had some fun.  We ran across some interesting people, and even a few interesting objects (which included a diaper) but ducked and dodged them like Mohammed Ali to keep safe and clean ;)  Please join me in congratulating the lucky couple and the count down to the big day is on!

The couple kissing in the archway of the St.Boniface ruins
The couple sitting in a window of the
Jessie leaning against Justin's chest
Jessie sitting in between Justin's legs on the steps
Jessie hugging Justin from the back
The couple hugging and Jessie peaking over Justin's shoulder
The couple cuddling with the St.Boniface ruins in the background
The couple standing on the new foot bridge along Tache
the couple kissing and dancing beside the St.Boniface Hospital
Grabbing each each other's asses
The couple leaning against the railing on the foot bridge in St. Boniface
The couple sitting on a wood bench on a foot bridge
The couple kissing as they lean against a light post with the esplanade riel bridge in the background

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