• Grand Beach

    Arlita & Brendan

These two love birds are living the dream!  Their home is a log cabin in the woods by the lake.  I can't say it gets much better.  Once their two dogs said their hellos and realized I wasn't taking their parents away, they calmed down and watched us work.  As the sun set on this beautiful day, we didn't have to wander very far to get breathtaking scenery.  Again we always like adventurous couples.  Walking into the bush at sunset might seem weird at the time, but OMG I am glad they did.  Can't wait for their wedding  as I am sure it will be just as amazing!  Congrats you two!

The couple pouring champagne in their back yard
The couple sitting on blanket cheersing their champagne
The couple cuddling while sitting on a blanket at sunset holding champagne
Arlita peering over Brendan's back while holding a glass and bottle
Arlita's portrait while leaning against a wood shed
Arlita playing with her hair looking cute leaning against a wood shed
Brendan sitting on some stairs
Arlita poses in the middle of some bushes at sunset
The couple embracing each other in the middle of the bush at sunset
Brendan holding Arlita and spinning her on the beach at sunset
Brendan holding Arlita up high while she bends down to kiss him
Brendan holding Arlita while she wraps her arm around him on the beach at sunset
Arlita's engagement ring in the sand as a wave comes in

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