Frequently Asked Questions

We can fully customize our packages to meet your needs. You are different and so is your wedding. Let’s talk first and then I can give you a true price. From photographing a 4 person 2 hour wedding to a 350 person 8 hour wedding, we do it all! Drop us a line with your date, the unique features of your wedding and we will reply within 24 hours.

Once you hire AJ Enns Photography you don’t have to worry.  We have a 100% 30-day money back guarantee.  If for any reason you change your mind, we will give you the deposit back. No questions asked.  Feel safe knowing we are here for you.

To help save you some time and answer some of the most popular questions we have provided some answers.

You can contact us over email, phone, text or even over coffee.  We will sit down and talk about your big day.  Occasionally we have requests for the same date, to ensure we are available for your date a $500 deposit is required.  This way we will turn down any other inquiries for your day.  That day is now yours!  The deposit amount is $500 and will be applied to your final balance.
First we say, browse through our site and see first hand.  There are thousands of photos on here.  If we really wanted to put a label on our photography would be comparable to photo-journalistic.  Basically we try to capture your moments as they happen.  You will often heard us say: “Just ignore me” or “pretend I am not here”.  We still think that the best images are the ones where you are not thinking about the camera, but each other.  Basically the only time we do any sort of posing is during the newly-wed session and family formals.
Very good question, and many couples do not even know to ask this. There is a big difference between image delivery times in Winnipeg. We want to deliver your photos while your wedding moments are still fresh in your mind, while your friends are still amped about that crazy dance move or their beautiful dress. Your images are special to you, and they are to us as well. We promise to deliver your photos within 3 weeks of your big day.
I heard a saying once: the best camera out there is the one you have with you I love that. I don’t have to have every piece of gear ever made. It is just a tool, that I use to make my images. That being said I use only professional grade equipment. I love hearing your images are amazing you must have a nice camera. This makes me giggle. Better cameras don’t always take better photos. They prepare me for the situations I don’t know of. All of a sudden it starts to rain and my gear is ready for that. All of a sudden the lights go out, I am ready for that too. My bag is filled with Canon. I also have redundant back ups to protect your images after the big day. This does not just include my camera, but everything else needed to create and protect your once in a lifetime images. The more prepared I can be, just means that your day will run even smoother. This also means you don’t have to worry about the little things and leave that to me.
Yes of course we will! We have been to a few weddings and know how they usually work. We appreciate being involved with the creation of the time table. This will help us get the best images possible. I have a little work sheet to help you and I start to visualize your day. This helps takes the guess work out of it, so you can concentrate on other things. Usually the day revolves around when dinner is, and then built up backwards. Just remember to save some time to get some amazing sunset or roof top photos in there 🙂
This is a loaded question. Most of my couples and people these days just want digital copies so they can quickly post to Facebook. I have talked with my brides a year after their wedding and asked about their images. Many of them were still on the disc and not printed or hanging anywhere. When you get a disc of 600-700 images you might be overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. Lets sit down together and talk about it. I will help you pick your favourites and work with you to design an album that you will absolutely love at no extra charge! Lets not just print images, lets make ART that you can pass down to your children!
Isn’t rain on your wedding day considered lucky? I still recommend booking a indoor venue as a backup location just in case. A backup is great because it also reduces the stress level a week before the wedding when it looks like rain and you have a place booked! It is stressful the morning of your wedding when it is raining and you don’t have a backup.

Just think about it, if you have a back up and don’t need it versus needing a backup and not having one. Most amazing indoor locations in the city run between $100 and $150. So save your sanity that is worth every penny!

Your wedding photos are priceless to you, and I promise to treat them the say way. I have your photos backed up 4 times, which includes off site storage just in case something should happen to my house. I will keep your edited images forever! I will also keep an editable version of your photos for at least one year after your big day. I also suggest though that when you get your package that you also back up your images. No media is perfect.
¿Cómo está Why yes I do. This is how I started my career. I was an associate photographer for one of the best photographers in Riveria Maya Mexico. I learnt how things work and how to get the most amazing photos while working with the locals. There are many subtle differences photographing in another country. Learning the location is easier, than learning the language of your photographer.
I have talked to many brides and grooms over the years who said “no” to a professional photographer because they had a “friend” who either had a nice camera and or is just starting out. All of their responses were similar and wishing they hadn’t done that. Your wedding day happens only once. Why chance it with someone with no experience? Ask them what is their plan if one camera fails? In the end it up to you, but it pains me to hear couples say that they were disappointed in their photos because they hired a “Friend”. Let your friend enjoy your wedding, and leave the photography up to us.

I recently heard from one of my couples that they were at a wedding recently where a friend photographed the wedding. They said the friend had dropped their camera and broke the flash. 🙁 They didn’t have a spare, and even asked other guests if they could borrow a flash.

Although breaking equipment would be very bad, this is why you hire a professional. I treat my gear with the utmost care, but yes things can happen. I will try for a minute or two to fix it, but if it is just not coming back I just reach into my gear bag and pull out another. Simple as that. Let the party continue!

Yes I am. Just like I have back up equipment for my back up equipment, I also have insurance to cover myself on your big day.