What is your story?

Every family is different and so is every wedding. We strive to tell your story. Our unobtrusive style allows your wedding day to unfold as you have always dreamed. When the father of the bride hugs the groom as he hands over his daughter we are there. When the groom walks his mother out on to the dance floor for the mother-son dance we are there. When the bride and groom look into each others eyes and say their personal vows we are most CERTAINLY there! We want to tell your unique story in in images that you will be proud to show off.

We will have an awesome day together, and at the end we won’t just shake hands and leave, we promise to hug it out!AJ Enns


Bubbles float over the crowd as the couple say their vows

The bridal party in the trees at Pine Ridge Golf Course

Time to slow down for a kiss at the bar

having a kiss on the deck on the deck of the Nonsuch

the parents embrace in the evening sun

the amazing sunrise in the Mayan

Photography is important to you and it is just as important to us. Your guests are our clients as well and we strive to treat everyone at your wedding with the utmost respect, and strive to capture some of their smiles as well.
If you’re happy, and your guests are happy, then we’re happy! – it doesn’t get better than this!

Graffiitti covered run down building ocean side in Mexico


Love has no age limits

First dance in the bubbles and fog at the Marlborough Hotel, Winnipeg

Bride having her makeup put on

Under the bride at the Forks, Winnipeg for wedding photos with a pearl white limo

Looking into each other eyes in the Exchange District

The bride and groom are best friends

The Bride and her girls in the sun room

Flower girls in a flower wagon

The couple padding in their canoe

Pure joy after the announcement of a new married couple

The new family going out in style


Sandra leaning back into Tayo's arms in the fall leaves