• Kings Park, Winnipeg, Manitoba

    Ego Cross

Ego Cross is cycling race sponsored by Alter Ego Sports, and was held in Kings Park.  There are 3 classes of racers ranging from 10 year olds to 65 year olds and to professional racers.  Mitchell Ketler is that professional who also took home first place in the A category.

Photographing a cyclo-cross race without my three-year old might not be as exciting but I am able to get WAY more photos. I didn't get photos of every rider, but I did photograph the guys who have helped me this summer with my own cycling.  I may not have shared blood with these guys, but I have shared a LOT of sweat and tears with them.  It was a pretty tough and muddy race and I am glad I brought my camera and not the bike!  So congrats to all these guys who laid it out today!

If you decide to download any of these photos, please tag my name where ever you use them.  I would prefer you just share the page though.  If you would like to purchase a full resolution image or print feel free to contact me.

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